Please find below some answers to questions you may have about Enable

  1. What do I need to wear?
    Comfortable, loose fitting clothes and sensible footwear (flat shoes, pumps or trainers) as you will be taking part in physical activity at each session.
  1. What type of Physical Activity will we do at sessions?
    A mixture of team games and other activities at a level to suit your abilities. We try to do something different at each session. Don’t worry if you haven’t done Physical Activity for a long time – everyone goes at their own pace. If you have concerns with any medical conditions, our Lifestyle Coaches will tailor the activity to suit you.
  1. What topics are covered in the sessions?
    Some of the topics that will be covered include; food label reading, portion size, food and mood, alcohol and soft drinks, introduction to the easy plate, healthy snacking and using and completing a food, drink and activity diary.
  1. What if I miss a session due to illness or holiday?
    If you know in advance that you will be unable to attend a session, either phone, text or email your Lifestyle Coach to let them know.  If you miss 2 or more sessions without telling us, we will remove you from the programme and offer your place to someone on the waiting list.
  1. Is there a waiting list?
    Yes. Some groups are more popular than others and so the waiting list for those is longer. When we receive your referral form and book you onto a group, we will advise you of how long the waiting list is for your preferred group and your start date.
  1. How much is the Enable Hull programme?
    It is FREE. There is no charge for the programme as it has been commissioned and funded by Hull City Council Public Health.
  1. How much weight can I expect to lose?
    This programme is not a diet. Therefore, you can expect the weight loss to be slow and steady as you make small changes to your lifestyle. Clients who attend a minimum of 9 sessions lose more weight. You can expect to lose between 3% and 5% of your body weight within the first 12 weeks and then continue to lose weight during the remainder of the programme. This amount of weight loss is recognised to have medical benefits. Unlike many other weight loss programmes, Enable Hull will also teach you how to maintain a healthier body weight to prevent gaining weight in the future.
  1. Is there anything else I can do whilst attending the programme to help me stay active?
    Yes. Alongside the support sessions, you may find it helpful to find out what activities are happening in your area. We will be giving you additional information during your sessions. You can also find out local activities & events on our dedicated page here